I was a student of author Frank Viola at Brandon High School in the 90s. His class was my favorite of all. I took psychology from him and joined the Interact club which he sponsored. I also was part of the Fellowship of Christian Students that he sponsored.

Viola led me to the Lord. He did the same with other students also, baptizing some of them too.

I was one of the people who attended his Friday night Bible study group. I remember it was over 50 students in a crowded living room in Brandon. Students came from all over the area, not just from Brandon, but from other counties too. We’d sometimes stay at his house until 1am as we talked about the Lord, prayed for each other, worshipped. We worshipped a lot. It was an awesome time of many ‘aha’ moments and life changing events.

It was hard finding a spot on the floor because the couches and chairs were all taken up. The whole experience was amazing to me.

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