God called Abraham out of the land of Babylon to a city that the Living God Himself had built. En. Ur of the Chaldeas is the land that later came to be called Babylon. When the Divine call came to Abraham, he dropped everything, left Babylon, and began his search for the city of God. Hebrews 12:8-10.

      Abraham topped a hill, put his hand above his eyes, looked down into the valley, and looked for the city that God had built. This became his occupation in life. Countless were the hills that he topped and the valleys that he looked down upon. He did this until the day he died.

      As Christians, Abraham is our father. And the city that he looked for represents the church after God’s own heart—our native habitat. Thus the call to Abraham extends to us as well.

      So if you, like Abraham, would like to begin the quest for the church after God’s own heart, I would like to recommend these books that will help you further in the journey.

by Frank Viola, author