Frank Viola Author

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Viola is an advocate is acclaimed as a “vital voice in our time” and a “prophetic voice in the contemporary Christian milieu” by the Editor of TheOOZE, Frank Viola author has been recognized as a significant force in the development and proliferation of organic missional churches.

The author of numerous best-selling Christian books, he has spent more than two decades pioneering an alternative approach to conventional Christian religion. Organic missional churches offer a more natural approach to worship that focuses on individuals’ relationships with God and other group members. It is a form of church that has strong biblical roots.

A sought-after conference speaker, Viola has been featured as a keynote in many conferences. His has written for an array of popular Christian blogs and quoted in TIME Magazine. He spearheaded The Deeper Journey and Beyond Evangelical, and he currently shares thoughtful articles on his widely-read blog and podcast. He discusses a range of topics involving spirituality, Christianity, the changing shape of evangelicalism, and God’s mission on the blog.

Frank Viola emphasizes that organic churches enable Jesus Christ to be known deeply by a group of people. Together, group members explore Christ’s infinite riches and work to bring His Word to the lives of others. In Viola’s discussions, he endeavors to educate and challenge participants with deeper truths of the Christian life, addressing long-established questions as well as inquiries that have previously been given little attention in evangelical circles.

To contact Frank, write to TheDeeperJourney @


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